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Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeRequests - Ask Me by SweetDukeNo Commissions by SweetDuke

What did you like about my story Underground 3? 

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Everypony then looks up and sees that Mango is in the air, descending to the ground to take his stance as he defends his loved ones from the unknown ponies.

Ghost Teramo (Impressed): I take it that this is him!

Mango Zenda (Confident): So, you decided to step out of the shadows after all these years, 07482516?

Everypony gasps as Mango knew him all this time and what’s strange is that it’s been twenty years.

Adam Jensen (Puzzled): Mango, how you know that this is 07482516 then?

Mango Zenda (Honest): I can tell by his energy as it was the same as when he tried to escape Canterlot back in 1994. And by the looks of him, he really let himself go by growing out his mane and facial hair.

Rainbow Dash (Cautious): Then you why this asshole’s here then, do you?

Mango Zenda (Confident): Yeah, he wants to settle the score with me in a rematch as a result of whose is Equestria’s strongest!

Kimi Teramo (Envious): YA DAMN RIGHT! After two decades of intense training, I had to find a way to match your strength so that I can prove that I’m better that him, everypony!

Mango Zenda (Cautious): You sure about that? I can sense that your power level is still the same from before, which concludes that you haven’t gotten any stronger since.

Kiwi Teramo (Envious): That’s because I’ve been masking it all this time and now I’m ready to take you on. So now, ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE, MANGO ZENDA!

Mango Zenda (Thrilled): RIGHT! LET’S DO IT! But can we take this to another spot that doesn’t involve everypony around?

Kiwi Teramo (Confident): By all means, Mango! Makes no difference to me. Where to?

Mango Zenda (Confirms): San Palomino Desert! Follow me so that we can finish this!

Mango and Kiwi ascends from the ground and files off to San Palomino Desert to determine Equestria’s strongest pony ever. When they got there, they took positions on the opposite side of each other.


Kiwi Teramo (Explains): Before we get started, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kiwi Teramo, Los Pegasus’s illicit bounty hunter, and you, Mango Zenda, are my long lost brother. You don’t know that because your medical records states that you’ve obtain amnesia  when you was foal, thus wiping out your original purpose of your true nature as our family was alongside the Clockwork fortune since Ponyville was founded.

Mango Zenda (Confused): Wait, so does that that I was alongside them too?

Kiwi Teramo (Confirms): No, because our Mother refuse to let you be involve in all that bullshit!
UG3 - Brothers Unite (Part 5)
Underground 3 - Chapter 13 (Released On October 18, 2014)

This is only 1/4 of this chapter.............

Violence / Action / Blood & Gore / Nudity / Sexual Content / Extreme / Sci-Fi / Language / Explicit Humor / Gambling
Street Racing / Lyrics / 
3D Anthro Ponies / Real Vehicles / Real Weapons / Alcohol & Drugs / Open World / Simulation / Media
Fighting Is Magic (Cybernated Allure) by SheaCortesGrant
Fighting Is Magic (Cybernated Allure)
From the "Fighting Is Magic" Resistance Expansion DLC Pack!

3 of 5 - Cybernated Allure (c) :iconsheacortesgrant:

Commissioned for me by :iconcrystalchan2d:

At the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle, Twilight Sparkle was going over some books as the others was in too browsing for books as well when Applejack came in.

Applejack (Comes In): Hey Twilight, you got a sec?

Twilight Sparkle (Satisfied): Sure Applejack. What’s the rush?

Applejack (Paranoid): I got myself into a bit of a critical situation and I need you gals help on this!

Rarity (Cautious): What kind of problem have you got yourself into?

Applejack (Honest): One of Canterlot’s former convicts known as “07482516” just came by Sweet Apple Acres and asked us about our old friend Mango, and that Granny Smith said she knew him. Then he and his wife just left to head back to Los Pegasus!

Twilight Sparkle (Cautious): Wait, I know that number! That number was registered as of Canterlot Royal Prison as it was issued to a former clockwork assailant known as “Shadow Broker”.

Rainbow Dash (Determined): Wait, who do you mean “Shadow Broker”. Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle (Explains): I have the official Royal Prison database book of the 1990s as the “Shadow Broker was tried for treason against Equestria by helping out in the war against the clockworks. He then was sentenced to life but in 1994, he somehow managed to escape his cryogenic tank but was killed by somepony.

Applejack (Realizes): And that somepony was Mango!

Everypony finally figures out who killed 07482516, so Twilight tells spike to write a letter to Princess Celestia. After he sends it, they then receive her response from her.

LETTER FROM PRINCESS CELESTIA: Dear Twilight Sparkle, I know that you want to know the full story of the “Shadow Broker”, The truth is, he’s still alive as Mango’s attack was enough to kill him but somehow he survive. Mango and 07482516 are actually related because they are brothers, which means they had the same parents. If what Applejack say it’s true, then he knows everything about Mango and that we may be in trouble. I suggest you and your friends go to where Mango is since the last time I saw him, he was still living in Los Pegasus with his wife and two sons. If you hurry, you might find him. Sincerely, Celestia.

Spike (Cautious): Wow, looks like we got ourselves a mission, Twilight!

Pinkie Pie (Optimistic): HOLY COW, THIS IS GONNA BE A DOOZY, TWILIGHT! Are you sure you can pull this off?!

Fluttershy (Paranoid): Ummm, are you sure about this, Twilight? I don’t know about this!

Rainbow Dash (Interested): Hell yeah Twilight’s sure about it, Fluttershy!

Scootaloo (Surprised): This is gonna be badass!

Sweetie Belle (Hopeful): I know right!

Discord (Walks In): Hello, everypony! I overheard you guys are going to the worst city in Equestria!

Twilight and her friends walks out of the castle as Discord was tagging along with them as they head to the train station to buy tickets to Los Pegasus.

Twilight Sparkle: 11 tickets to Los Pegasus, please.

Conductor: Ok. The Transperth B-series train will be here shortly.

Applejack (Confused): Transperth B-series Train?

Conductor (Explains): The B-series trains are a class of electric multiple unit built by Downer Rail, Mareborough for Transperth since 2004. Los Pegasus runs that train as the city has advanced in technology that the rest of Equestria from the last decade.

Apple Bloom (Confused): What do you mean?

Rainbow Dash (Realizes): Oh shit!

Twilight Sparkle (To Rainbow): What is it, Rainbow?

Rainbow Dash (Explains): Remember when your future self warned you about the “disaster” that was really didn’t happen.

“IT’S ABOUT TIME” - MARCH 10, 2012

Twilight Sparkle: Done, and done, and done. Applejack, what about the Everfree Forest?

Applejack: The perimeter's clear.

Twilight Sparkle: Great.

Rainbow Dash: And my team gave the all clear from Fillydelphia to Los Pegasus.


Twilight Sparkle (Realizes): Yeah, why?

Rainbow Dash (Explains): When my team and I were spreading out over Equestria, looking for any kind of problems that could lead to that disaster, we flew over Los Pegasus and you won’t believe what we was witnessed was impossible since the beginning of the 21st Century came. I suggest you see the city for yourselves, everypony!

Then, the Transperth B-series Train arrived as they boarded the train and sets off to Los Pegasus. Meanwhile, we now turn the story back to Mango and his friends and family as he is last seen training with Reamous and Adam in White Tail Woods.


Mango and Reamous are training to get faster, stronger and smarter as Adam was spectating the session.

Mango Zenda (Trains Reamous): Come on, Reamous, you have to put effort into catching you opponent when they move at unscaled speeds. For instance, I move so fast because I can sense movements!

Reamous Zenda (Confused): But how, Dad? How can you know when I’m about to make my move?

Adam Jensen (Explains): It’s called Ki Sense, Reamous. Ki Sense is the ability to sense the location, life force, and power level of anypony. The stronger and closer the opposition, the more powerful the sensation. Also, if a ki is very powerful, it can be sensed from afar by people who are trained to sense energy.

Mango Zenda (Hopeful): For instance, Me, Adam, your mother, Mr. Husky and Doctor Schweizer we’re the first to master Ki Sense before you was born. Now you and your brother too must learn it if you want to know everypony’s whereabouts now.

Reamous Zenda (Proud): Thanks Dad, that’s means a lot to me, knowing that you live an awesome life!

Mango Zenda (Peaceful): I know, son! Because we stick together as one big, happy family.


Mango Zenda (Answers): Hello?

Allure Zenda (Calling): Sweetheart, you better get back down here, some ponies was asking me about you!

Mango Zenda (Responds): What do you mean, honey?

Allure Zenda (Calling): Well, one of them called “Applejack” saids that she knows you for some reason.

Mango Zenda (Responds): Applejack? I haven’t seen her and her family in a long time. I thought she swore to never come to Los Pegasus? Looks like I’ll have to come home then, See ya soon!


Mango Zenda (Cautious): Change of plans, everypony! Reamous, we’ll have to postpone our training session for now and go see an old friend of mines!

Reamous Zenda (Puzzled): Ummm..... sure, Dad!

Adam Jensen (Cautious): So I take it that you know this “Applejack”, Mango?

Mango Zenda (Explains): Yeah, last time I saw her, she was a filly and her brother Big Macintosh with Granny Smith back in 2002 before I started writing letters to them since then. Now, she’s decided to pay me a visit after all these years! Come on, let’s go see them!

So Mango, Reamous and Adam flies out of White Tail Woods and back to Los Pegasus to Mango’s house. Meanwhile, Twilight, Rarity, Spike, Sweetie Belle, Applejack, Applebloom, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Fluttershy, Discord and Allure we’re waiting for him as Applejack was telling Allure all about Mango.


Allure Zenda: Now I know why my damn father called him a “Farmboy”. Mango was founded next to a meteor caused by the Clockwork outbreak in 1981 by your grandmother and spent his colthood on the farm.

Applejack (Honest): That’s right, Ma’am. But what’s worse, Mango’s in danger as an old foe of his past known as Prisoner 07482516 has come out of hiding and is looking for him,

Allure Zenda (Confused): Prisoner 07482516? Isn’t that the stallion that escaped from Canterlot decades ago?

Twilight Sparkle (Explains): Yes but that’s not his real name! His real name is Kiwi, Kiwi Teramo, and that we found in the database that he was Prisoner 07482516 who escaped from Canterlot back in 1994 but somehow survived Mango’s attack, so from the last two decades, he’s been in hiding since and what’s worse.

Allure Zenda (Puzzled): What’s worse, Princess?

Discord (Explains): What’s worse is that both Mango and Kiwi’s earth pony genetics came from their parents, who was killed back in 1981, which makes them biologically brothers! And now, Kiwi’s is looking for him to settle the score, and he won’t stop until Mango gets here!

Mr. Husky (Paranoid): Wait, does this all mean that this “Kiwi Teramo” know everything about us?

Spike (Confirms): Kiwi’s only after Mango, no pony else in that matter!

Maroon Zenda (Envious): Now why would this “Kiwi” be after my dad. It’s doesn’t make sense!

Then suddenly, multiple cars started to park outside the house, such as the modded Audi R8 4.2 FSI Quattro, Dodge Challenger R/T 440, Hunter Olympus, Lamborghini Reventon, Volkswagen W12 Nardo, Honda Prelude SiR, Chevrolet Camaro Concept, Lexus IS-F, Shelby Terlingua and Nissan 370Z Z34. The drivers gets out of their cars and they where none other than Pinky, Rino, General, Ghost, Olivia, Gemballa, Michael, Gabriel, Eugene, Jewel, Remix and finally, Kiwi! Allure, Maroon, Mr. Husky, Discord, Spike, Twilight and her friends confronted the gang as the Mashs and the Blitzs joins in on the confrontation.

Paul Walker (Cautious): Who are you ponies?

Shadow Delta Blitz (Cautious): And why are you here?

Kiwi Teramo (Explains): It’s quite simple. The one called “Allure Zenda” is in possession of somepony that I thought died decades ago and now, I hear rumors that he’s still alive and been name this “Mango Zenda” for some fucking reason. No matter! Once he shows his face, I about to reveal to everypony who I really am! But first, Olivia, make sure that Applejack and her friends don’t interfere as I about inflict damage on Mango’s cars as he doesn’t even know how to drive!

Kiwi fires one of his techniques called “Inferno Grenade” at the cars but then, a pony comes out of nowhere and deflects it, causing a smoke screen. When the smoke faded away, in it was Reamous who just arrived in time.

Reamous Zenda (Cautious): Not on my car, my mom’s nor my dad’s car, you bastard!

Adam Jensen (Arrives): Is everypony ok?

Twilight Sparkle (Relieved): Yeah, we’re good! Wait, you must be The Adam Jensen, Los Pegasus’s Ultimate Enforcer! Wait, how did you know that Kiwi was gonna blow up Mango’s cars?

Kiwi Teramo (Thinking): What the hell! Where did those ponies come from. There’s no way they knew I’d be here at his house! And by that pony’s horn, I say that Mango’s first born!

As Kiwi became confused of how Adam and Reamous got here, Allure then detects that her husband arrived.


UG3 - Brothers Unite (Part 4)
Underground 3 - Chapter 12 (Released On October 12, 2014)

Characters in the story belongs to the original creators.

:icontricoloreone77:'s OCs are focus in this chapter.

:iconxxcaliforniaangelxx:,:iconmennorino:, :icongeneralthunderbat: & :iconsweetinsanenightmare:'s OCs are mentioned in this chapter.

CONTENT: Violence / Action / Blood & Gore / Nudity / Sexual Content / Extreme / Sci-Fi / Language / Explicit Humor / Gambling
Street Racing / Lyrics / 
3D Anthro Ponies / Real Vehicles / Real Weapons / Alcohol & Drugs / Open World / Simulation / Media

Rino Menno (Monologue): Racing Soarin was like racing against the blacklist, which it is in fact. Zooming through Vanhoover’s Olympic Square district was tricky but I held my own since my parents died by somepony and that one day, I’ll find the motherfucker and make them pay for what they did to me!

Soarin (Driving): Face it, kid, you’ll never get this far with the cops on your ass!

Rino Menno (Driving): *Growls* Fuck you, asshole!


Rino went reckless and hit the brakes, taking out a cop with his reap bumper and accelerated back up to catch Soarin. They resumed neck and neck as the race was almost over when Soarin took out the last cop off the road and now, it was just them two tied as the finish line was dead ahead. Then suddenly, a plasma blast came out of nowhere and shot Soarin’s right front tire out, flipping him over and crashing. Rino then realize that he won the final race but in an instant, the police arrived to the scene to arrest the racers. Next, plasma shots were fired from all angles as some of the officers was pinned down by the unknown assailants.


Rino Menno (In The Car): WHAT ABOUT YOU AND GABRIEL?!?


Rino then saw a shortcut and drives through it. Pinky regrets leaving her two older brothers to fend off the ambushers. Some time later, the was leaving on the outskirts of Vanhoover southbound as a unknown 2008 Carson GT Concept Cop Car then hits their car as the Corvette C6’s rear was critically damaged .

Pinky Angel (Worried): WHAT THE HELL!!!!

Rino Menno (Driving): HANG ON, PINKY!!!!

Rino drove through traffic to shake off the police but to no avail as the cop car was fast. Then, the cop car use a P.I.T Maneuver and spins Rino’s car in circles as they crashed into a Construction Site. Rino suffer injuries on his face, giving him a scar.

Pinky Angel (Scared): RINO? RINO, WAKE UP!!!!

Rino Menno (Injured): AHHH!!!! DAMMIT!!! *feels pain*

He becomes unconscious from his injuries as Pinky tries to wake up Rino as the driver comes out the Carson GT Concept cop car comes out in a police juggernaut suit, approaching the totaled Corvette C6.


Police Juggernaut (Cautious): Ma’am, the reason I totaled your friend’s car was that you two was involve in a clockwork threat and it obvious that you two witnessed the whole thing.

Pinky Angel (Paranoid): Clockworks?!?!?

Police Juggernaut (Cautious): I’ll explain later! Right now, you two are coming with me back to HQ!

Pinky Angel (Angered) WHHAAATTTT!!!!!

The Police Juggernaut then grips Pinky’s right shoulder, thus making her unconscious too. They put them in the back seats of the Carson GT Concept cop car and drove of to HQ.

Rino Menno (Monologue): After getting knocked out by that cop, I couldn’t save Pinky as I didn’t know that they got her and that I was somewhere else. This was the end of my life as “Street Legends” as my mare and her brothers was gone.


Kiwi Teramo (Monologue): After hearing Rino’s flashback of him racing Soarin and getting caught by the police really pissed him off but I wonder if there’s more to these flashback. Just now, I woke up and I need to take a piss really bad.

Ghost Teramo (Sleeping And Dreaming): *Grabs Kiwi’s Penis* Oh, hello  there! Mmmm.....

Kiwi Teramo (Thinking): Shit! Dammit, mare! Not now!

Ghost Teramo (Wakes Up): Huh? *notices* Oh, sorry, husband! I didn’t know I was stroking your dick while sleeping all night!

Kiwi Teramo (Cautious): If you stroke it even more, then I might have accidentally piss in the bed!

Ghost Teramo (Shocked): Seriously?!?!

Kiwi Teramo (Cautious): Yes! Anyway, what did you find on this “Mango Zenda”?

Ghost Teramo (Explains): Ok, here’s what I know. He’s 33 years old, is 5’10”, has a wife and two sons, lives at the Prickle Pine house, has a brown mane, orange eyes, wears a blue flower tropical shirt, pink wristbands, owns a 2008 Saleen S5S Raptor and is all up in the Waterfront area.

Kiwi Teramo (Puzzled): Ok. Anything else I should know about, Ghost?

Ghost Teramo (Concludes): There’s more. According to this article that I found in their files, this was published 20 years ago, Mango was called by Celestia when he was a colt to stop an escaped convict known as “#07482516&8221;. Ponies say that the convict died trying to escape but was killed by Mango’s attack which resulted in declaring him dead. Kiwi, I also found that he had parents but was killed back in the early 80s due to the clockwork outbreak so I analyzed his DNA with any relatives he had. All I got was his parents and what’s strange is that turns out, he has an older brother and you’re now gonna believe who he is.

Kiwi Teramo (Puzzled): Who?

Gemballa (Comes In): You, Kiwi. You’re Mango’s long lost brother!

Kiwi Teramo (Envious): IMPOSSIBLE! There’s no damn way that he’s my brother, nor related to him! Gemballa, you’ve got some nerve telling me that bullshit! You have no proof that this is true.

Ghost Teramo (Explains): Actually, If you read this, Mango was found after the outbreak back in 1981 by none other that Granny Smith, owner of Sweet Apple Acres. I take it that he spent his childhood there and once he killed that escaped convict, he moved to Canterlot to be Celestia’s informant.

Kiwi Teramo (Cautious): So, if we go to Sweet Apple Acres and see Granny Smith, we’ll get answers out of all this, Ghost!

Gemballa (Bored): Exactly!

Ghost Teramo (To Olivia): Olivia! Me and your father are going out for a while so I need you to do today’s work while we’re out.

Olivia Teramo (Shocked): What!!! But I have plans for today, mother!

Ghost Teramo (Cautious): Sorry but your plans will have to be delayed until we get back!

Olivia sighs and went to do her parents’ chores as Ghost gets dressed and heads outside to her 2001 Volkswagen W12 Nardo to start it up. Kiwi gets dressed and goes outside too. Ghost drives Kiwi and herself through Eastern Bay and Riviera, leaving the outskirts of Los Pegasus and out to Sweet Apple Acres.


Time has passed since Lord Tirek and the Sirens were defeated. The citizens of Ponyville are once again in peace as Kiwi and Ghost drives over to Sweet Apple Acres to get some answers.


Apple Bloom (Notices The Car): Applejack! Big Macintosh! Granny Smith! We got company!

Ghost and Kiwi then gets out of the car and confronts them to the Apple family.

Applejack (Cautious): Can I help you two?

Ghost Teramo (Envious): As a matter of fact, yes. We are here to ask your grandmother some questions.

Granny Smith (Puzzled): And what questions are you intend to ask me, youngster?

Kiwi Teramo (Determined): I want to know, Granny Smith, the full story of “Mango”! I found out that he’s was founded as a foal by none other that you during the clockwork outbreak back in 1981, days after he was born. What’s more is that his parents we’re killed, but due to DNA results, they were my parents too, which makes this “Mango” my only BROTHER! SO, HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO KNOW HIM AFTER ALL THIS TIME?!?!?!?!?!?!

Granny Smith (Sighs): I knew this day would come, so I’m just gonna come out with it!

Big Macintosh (Shocked): Granny, you don’t have to say  anything to them!

Granny Smith (Reveals): I know who you are, Kiwi!

Kiwi Teramo (Shocked): WHAT?!?! How the hell you know my name? SPILL IT!!!

Applejack, Big Mac & Apple Bloom (Frustrated): Now that’s no way to talk to Granny Smith like that, ya backstabbing varmint! HOW DARE YOU!!

Granny Smith (To her grandkids): Now settle down, everypony! I got this varmint!

Ghost Teramo (Puzzled): Alright then, tell us everything about him and how you know my husband.

Granny Smith (Tells The Story): Kiwi, I know you that of “that” specific personality. The same personality from the late 1970s because I knew your parents. They had it with you and your troublemaking in Ponyville so they decided to have another foal. Days after Mango was born, the clockworks attacked the town, thus killing your parents, but suddenly, an unknown meteor came from the sky, smashing your parents’ house while Mango was inside, and it exploded. Moments later, I was in the area when I found him right next to the meteor, and he was unharmed and that I thought that you and his parents was killed by that meteor. I then took him in and raised his as my own as time passed by through the 1980s when all of Equestria was at war with the Clockwork Stallions that lasted for five years. During the time, Mango was growing strong, as if I knew that he was no ordinary earth pony as he was faster, stronger and smarter. Then in 1991, Canterlot was Equestria’s last stand against the Clockworks as Mango couldn’t see all of us die by their hands, so he somehow became enraged and transformed into some monster and defeated them all, thus ending the war. Celestia was the first to discover what Mango was capable of so he was know as Equestria’s Greatest Hero, and that he was only ten years old back then. Some of the ponies who helped the Clockworks in the war was tried and sentenced to Canterlot’s Royal Prison for life. Then, on September 3, 1994, one of them known as Prisoner 07482516 or “Shadow Broker” has escaped but was killed by none other than Mango himself. Celestia then offered him as a part time informant for her for the next four years when one of the Canterlot Dolvas cheerleaders was abducted by them damn robots and as if it wasn’t for Mango and his partner Adam, then that mare would’ve became a clockwork mare but she was only half robotic at the time. Then, Mango winds up marrying her and leaving Canterlot with that Adam fellow to the worst damn city in Equestria as some undercover agent or something, but at least he writes to us once a month, know that he’s still around and helps out everypony. Just some time ago, he sent us a letter, saying that he’s now taking down some cartel called “The Syndicate” as them varmints was making Radon.

Kiwi Teramo (Monologue): After everything I heard from her, I can’t believe it that my own brother was no ordinary pony as he ended the war with his monstrous transformation. He even manage to beat me when I tried to escape from the Royal Prison. Mango was proven as an pony from an unknown land, on a mission that makes a new legend, and that is Mango!

Kiwi Teramo (Starts Floating): Ghost, head back to Los Pegasus and inform Rino, Pinky, General, Olivia, and our friends to meet me at his house! It’s about time that I pay him a “friendly” visit!

Ghost Teramo (Gets In Her Car): If you say so, honey!

Kiwi then flies back to Los Pegasus to finally come face to face with his long lost brother Mango as Ghost drives off to alert their friends. Granny Smith then realizes Kiwi’s aura as it was the same one as prisoner 07482516. She figures out that they’re the same pony with the same powers.

Granny Smith (Envious): Applejack, round up your friends and head to Los Pegasus to help Mango. Looks like we may have found 07482516 after all these years!

Applejack (Leaves): Alrighty then! Applebloom, you better tag along because we’re gonna need all the help!

UG3 - Brothers Unite (Part 3)
Underground 3 - Chapter 11 (Released on October 11, 2014)

Characters in the story belongs to the original creators.

:iconmennorino: & :iconxxcaliforniaangelxx: are focused in this chapter!

CONTENT: Violence / Action / Blood & Gore / Nudity / Sexual Content / Extreme / Sci-Fi / Language / Explicit Humor / Gambling
Street Racing / Lyrics / 
3D Anthro Ponies / Real Vehicles / Real Weapons / Alcohol & Drugs / Open World / Simulation / Media


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